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Thursday, August 18, 2011

What are we waiting for??

As all of us know, one of the biggest struggle after the Independence struggle is on at the moment in India. And it is against the very root cause that takes away the Human Values and ethics from so many, and that is CORRUPTION!...

Anna Hazareji has taken up the lead in this movement and so many other prominent people are backing him which include Kiran Bedi, Arvind Kejriwal, Sri Sri Ravi Shankarji, Baba , Swami Agnivesh and many more. Millions of people are joining the movement. But even now, there are so many are hesitant. What stops us at this juncture??

Forget the I,ME and MYSELF  at this moment and think about the country. Every support counts at this moment. I have heard people saying – I cant join the protests. And their so called reasons include-
1)      What if there is lathi charge on the protestors?
2)      What if I am sent to jail?
3)      Wait, I am a girl and you cant expect me to protest, I can sit and do public awareness on facebook,twitter,etc.
4)      Who cares for my support? There are already millions on the road.
5)      I dont give a damn to Anna or anyone. Is desh ka kuch nahin hone wala.
6)      I am too busy with my job, business or placements or studies.
      And many such reasons which make no sense at this point of time. We have to rise above all these.
If today you cant be of support to this country in uprooting the biggest malign facing it and us, you sons, grand sons and generations ahead will question you as to even though you were alive at this moment, why were you just a silent witness??

History is in the process of making and we have to give our best.
Believe me just joining the protests has given me immense joy and I feel proud of myself that I am doing my bit. So many of my friends have been arrested and put in jail for a period ranging from 5 hours to 2 days. And its not an insult. They feel proud and even we as citizens of India are proud of them. The Independence day that we celebrate, is a fruit of struggle and sacrifice of lives of so many people.

Dont you want to be remembered like them? If not remembered, dont you want to feel the pride of serving the nation???

Join the protests where ever you are. If its not happening anywhere near  your place, you take the initiative. And the rest will fall in place.

For Bangalore its FREEDOM PARK, near majestic!!


Thursday, December 23, 2010


Many of us have this habit of cribbing over the same thing again and again.... what do we even get out of this?? The more we crib, the more we freak ourselves out, the more we freak others out too, then this leads to arguments of words, and then probably a fight or so....Also if we notice, this is the period when our brain stops working...We dont find any way out....

What have we achieved out of all this???

Nothing ....just nothing.... something happens, what can we do about it? if you can do , do it....thats better than cribbing....if nothing is possible, just shut up....what happened cannot be revoked back and manipulated according to your wish....

Instead of cribbing, if we sit back and relax and accept what happened, we get many more ideas to even get out through the situation we have encountered....

And how to stop cribbing??? ........ is through practice.....and 1 of the sub products of Sudarshan Kriya and pranayama is makes us aware of what we are doing, and at that very moment, we can decide what to do next....instead of wasting our time and energy cribbing .......

By the way, what does the above image signify?? It shows the state one acquires after cribbing....

My Guruji(His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankarji) came up with this recently:

He once told a joke to a large audience... and the entire audience was in laughter...He repeated it again, people laughed but the no. of people who laughed were comparatively lesser. He repeated it once more, the number deteriorated even more. Once more he repeated, hardly 10 or 15 people laughed...Once more he repeated, just 1 or 2 people laughed. Then he said the line that shook all of us. He said if you cant laugh over the same joke over and over again, why cry over the same thing again and again?? At that very moment, he got us down to the reality....

Monday, July 27, 2009

My first experience with the master!

11 years back, i.e. in 1998, my dad did the Basic course (now called the Part 1 course) of the Art of Living. It was the first Basic course held in Dubai and it was taken by Rishi Nityapragyaji. On the last day of the course, my dad took me for a satsang and after the satsang, he introduced me to Rishiji. I was touched by his very beautiful smile, a smile which never faded. He gave me a very beautiful photograph of His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankarji and said this is for you. I was very happy. I took it with lots of excitement and kept looking at the person in the photograph. I was totally unaware of who the person in the photograph was. But it just felt nice when I looked at him in the photo. I had a deep desire to meet him now. Very soon later my dad went to the ashram. He purchased an audio cassette named Samarpan from there. And he bought it to Dubai and he used to play it in the car. And it being more of classical kind, I used to get irritated. Forgot to mention the fact that I was just 8 years old at that time. Then dad told me about Guruji and now I was very anxious to meet him.
So we went to ashram 1 or 2 months later. It was very calm and vibrant atmosphere there. Even though our whole night had gone in travelling, we were not tired after reaching there. Immediately we were told Guruji is now giving darshan in Narayana hall (near Shakti Kutir). We ran there. It was so awesome. There were just 10-15 people there. And we sat right in front of him. He gave a small talk. And after that I went to touch his feet and take his blessings. At that time my dad told him about the problem I faced. I used to get really bad dreams, like a lion or tiger roaring and pouncing on me and I used to scream at the middle of the night. Guruji looked at me, smiled and touched his soothing hand over my head and said to my dad- "Ise Art Excel course karao". Art Excel course is a very beautiful course of Art of living for the age group 8-13 years. And thats it, immediately after that I registered for the course and after the first Sudarshan Kriya itself, the effects were visible. Now I had a real good quality sleep hereafter with no lions and tigers disturbing in the middle of the night. :P......And there was no looking backwards after this.

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